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324,029 DEAD/840,000,000 ONLINE



Reflecting on the generational loss of queer folx, knowledge, and community to the AIDS crisis, this two-object piece encourages viewers to interact with the past while looking forward to the future. With consideration to the internet boom of the 1990's which allowed LGBTQ+ individuals across the globe to communicate, this piece rejoices in the queer acceptance activist groups have gained since the 1980's, while remembering the loss of those who were core to the queer liberation movement. 


Medium: Interactive robotics, found object, crochet, wax, cardboard, ink and watercolour on paper, wood, acrylic 
Year: 2018

Featured At:

COMPAS Art & Technology Show - STEAM Factory - Columbus,OH - April 29th, 2019

Interdisciplinary MFA Presentation - Dilenschnieder Gallery - Columbus, OH - December 2018

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