About the Studio.

Studio Vicieux was founded in 2015 by Mitch Vicieux, with Cam Vicieux joining the project in 2017. Working collaboratively to create video art centered by activist efforts and the trans experience, Studio Vicieux uses their recent body of work to expand the role of body in space via public performance.

While Studio Vicieux has evolved from YouTube videos, to podcasts, to professional film-making, the focus of our work has remained - we are partners who are passionate about creating together, and using our works to discuss the experience of non-binary trans folx with our viewers.

As the work evolves and our understanding of trans history and community deepens, we continue to develop art that demonstrate the joys and struggles of transness from a raw, authentic point of view.

Meet Team V.

Mitch Vicieux (they/them) is an activist filmmaker from Southern Maryland. Experimentation being their top priority, Mitch works in charcoal, painting, sculpture, digital media, and more. Their current practice revolves around

film-making using performance art and traditional animation. Currently pursuing an MFA in Visual Art: Art & Technology at The Ohio State University, Mitch hopes to continue their career as a college professor, and work to make space for queer students at their future institution. To view Mitch's academic history, visit their CV page.

Cam Vicieux (she/they) is a non-binary trans woman from Southern Maryland. Collaborating with Mitch on numerous creative projects since 2015, Cam has found a place as the lead cinematographer for Studio Vicieux.  With a keen interest in media critique and visual storytelling, Cam has been a consistent influence on the illustrative style of Studio Vicieux. In future projects Cam will continue to direct the camera as the projects expand. Currently pursing an Associates of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts at Columbus State Community College, Cam hopes to manage a baked goods delivery service in the future.

 Maui is a 4-year-old tuxedo cat, and has been the Vicieux's unofficial studio assistant since 2016. Currently working to eat and sleep as much as possible, Maui provides invaluable cheer and emotional support to the team on long studio days.

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