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Coded Camouflage




Project Abstract.

Anomalous body

Camouflage, erase, torment

Prying eyes - probe me!


    My adversarial relationship between body and identity are teased through performance. I am defaced by gendered objects: cosmetics, crochet chains, and rollerblades (known as Fruit Booters in the machismo-filled world of action sports). Wrangling with the inherently feminine code of these interests, I pervert my form with these tools to emulate their impact on androgyny. By morphing objects’ intended use, I reconcile with their disruption on my representation and my own disruption as an agender person in a binary world. 

    In this series, objects work as artifacts documenting gender commodification. I submerge underwear (a pair of ‘women’s’, ‘men’s’, and my binding underclothes) in wall paint. The freshly-dunked undies are camouflaged against the gallery wall as my face is concealed in the video works. I strip the apparel of its coding as I attempt to erase my given gender; yet the gesture is futile. Just as I am misgendered for a shape I cannot hide, the geometric language of the boxy ‘wife beater’ and curved lingerie speak through layers of paint.

    In contrast to the dunking, falling, binding, and covering of my body and objects, the Malibu Ken doll in the gallery remains pristine. He epitomizes how gender is ‘sold’ to us in youth, yet exists in his own paradox of an idealized, ‘high femme’ male body- a body I desperately desire. Suspended at eye-level, Malibu Ken commands a decade of self portraiture, directing their eyes to interrogate the viewer’s body. The avatars alongside Ken allow my past, present, and future identities to intermingle, and displays another form of transition alongside the ‘real time’ metamorphosis of video. 

Recent developments in my practice have led to an interest in transitioning material alongside representation and identity.

Featured At:

Chromatic: LGBTQ+ Experience in Columbus | Wild Goose Creative | Columbus, OH | June 2019

Coded Camoflauge Performance Presentation | Dilenschnieder Gallery | Columbus, OH |  April 2019

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