Transition at the End of the World

Accessibility is vital to my practice. With transgender civil rights constantly at risk, I feel compelled to share my story outside the platform of 'high art'. Comic art is a uniquely democratized form, with a history of conveying information visually before widespread literacy in America. With Apoqueerlyptic, I invite you in to a more humorous and approachable representation of my journey as a non-binary person. If these speak to you, feel free to print the images, share them, and create your own comics in response.

Triple Spoon
Flick It
Wanna Be a Cowboy Baby
Power of the Plush
Home Alone
Mask Up
Is Cowboy a Gender
Tig Ole Bittie Mountain
I Should Love Myself
Super Stuff Me
Are You a Boy, Or a Girl?
June 4th, 2020
High Lonesome Cactus
Binder Boom
Gender Trouble
They're a Devil, Not a Man
Yung Freud