Monster Factory 2020

Featured at:

Cloud Crusher | Hopkins Hall Gallery | Columbus, OH | April 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak transformed behemoth aspirations into fun-sized monstrosities. Combining the ‘feminine’ art of embroidery with a bubbling mass of plush and illustration, lines between ‘natural’ and ‘person-made’ become entangled. My beasts are born as tethered smatterings of gendered language, material, and imagery. Consider: Should we become the monster they claim us to be?

  This work asks, why not?


Mixed cotton, embroidery floss, taxidermy needles on cork board

12in x 3in x 12in


Ink and marker on paper, dried lemon, embroidery floss,taxidermy needles on cork board

 12in x 1in x 12in