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Project Abstract.

Dichotomous self

A constant re-invention

Upward climb, realize


   How hard are we willing to work to present ourselves authentically? Does the public perception of gender alter our idea of 'self'? What labour is involved with self expression?

    PER/SO/NA is an experimental short film using video vignettes to demonstrate the conflict between physical form and conceived identity. Following my journey through body dysphoria and the start of the medical process to receive top surgery (a form of gender confirmation which removes the patient's breasts), PER/SO/NA captures a visceral moment in non-binary transition.

    Implementing traditional 2D animation, stop motion, and guerilla film-making, PER/SO/NA uses the literal transition of video art to explore the rigorous process of gender transition. Juxtaposing fantastical animation against live-action performance, I present myself as a fluid work in process, emphasizing the not-so-imaginary superpower of trans individuals: the ability to change (body, concepts,  conventions).

    Exploring the liminal space between masculine & feminine, film & montage,  'real' & fantastic, PER/SO/NA pulls the viewer into the anxiety of living between definitions. Developed and produced by two non-binary trans persons, PER/SO/NA brings the viewer into the reality of living in an undefined,  unrecognized space between monolithic social constructions.

Featured At:

Golden Hour | The Fort | Columbus, OH | August 2019

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