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r e s i s t w a v e : The Aesthetic of Breaking Barriers



2017 saw a numbing cycle of bigotry and backlash that has cast the bar of common decency lower with each passing day. r e s i s t w a v e : The Aesthetic of Breaking Barriers is a multi-media installation that aesheticizes the exhausting current political climate through the aesthetic lens of the internet micro genre, Vaporwave.

 Using sculpture, paintings, animations, found objects, and more, r e s i s t  w a v e addresses ideas concerning contemporary civil rights protests, the “technological savior’ that is internet, and the absurdity of daily news cycles. Imagery and ethos are borrowed from the anti-consumerist critique of the Vaporwave genre, which elucidates the nihilistic attitudes of “90’s kids” who never received the standard American Dream package that was promised, but then pilfered by the 2007 global economic collapse. 

The environment of r e s i s t  w a v e pulls the audience into the pastel lucidity of the Vaporwave aesthetic while looping animations describing the exasperated  “Groundhog Day” mentality felt by millennial activists. This project engages with contemporary activist art and encourages its audience to work towards a better tomorrow, despite the bombastic and depressing cycle we seem to be stuck in. 

Featuring original music by Jessica Levine, Astrosurf EP

Featured At:

r e s i s t w a v e Solo Exhibition - Montgomery Hall - St. Mary's City, MD - November 2017

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